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Go With Professional Tree Removal In Tight Spaces

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You can remove some trees yourself without issue. The consequences won't be that bad in most cases, even if you mess up when they're still saplings. Unfortunately, some trees are much harder to remove than others. For instance, you should seek professional tree removal when dealing with a mature tree growing in tight spaces because it's too risky to do it yourself.

Botched Tree Removal Can Be Disastrous

Entrepreneur reports that logging is the most dangerous job in the United States. Some of its challenges aren't applicable if you're trying to remove a tree yourself. For example, you can wait out bad weather. Similarly, you're presumably closer to medical assistance than if you are working out in the wilderness.

Sadly, the same can't be said about other challenges. Even veteran loggers can struggle to control the direction of a tree's fall. That is a huge issue when a mature tree weighs one or more tons, meaning it'll do incredible damage to anything caught beneath it. On top of this, there is always a risk of falling if you have to climb up to work on a tree for whatever reason. The CDC claims one in five falls produces broken bones and other serious injuries. If you're unlucky, you could suffer lifelong impairments or worse when you fall out of a tree.

Tight Spaces Make Tree Removal Much More Difficult

You have no room for error when removing a tree in tight spaces because you're responsible for damages if it comes down on people or property. Indeed, you might not be able to cut down a tree in tight spaces at all because there is nowhere it can come down without hitting something. That makes for an even more dangerous scenario because someone will have to cut down the tree piece by piece from top to bottom. The more time you spend high up, the more opportunities for something to go wrong. This is particularly true if you lack the proper expertise, experience, and equipment for this process.

Tree Removal Companies Have the Right Tools and Training For the Job

Professional tree removal is the best choice for tree removal in tight spaces by a considerable margin. Tree experts are trained to get the job done efficiently and effectively without putting themselves at too much risk. Furthermore, they have tools that are specialized for trees in tight spaces. One example would be bucket trucks, which enable tree experts to access high-up locations without ladders. Another would be cranes, which can lift trees over buildings and other objects before putting them down elsewhere. Better still, tree experts can take care of the post-removal clean-up, which is something that can be particularly laborious and time-consuming because mature trees have wide-reaching roots.

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