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3 Reasons To Have A Tree Inventory After Buying A New Commercial Property

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If you've recently purchased a new commercial building with some land around it, then you might now have some trees to care for. It's worth hiring a tree service company to run an inventory check on them at this stage. 

Here, your contractor will assess and inventory all the trees on your land. Why is this a good idea?

1. Give Your Trees a Health Check

Trees can look to be in good condition to the untrained eye. However, they can have problems you can't recognize. 

During an inventory, your tree contractor assesses the health of all your trees. They look for signs of old damage and current weaknesses. They check for signs of pests and diseases.

This is all useful information. It tells you if you need to do any immediate work on any of your trees.

Early intervention prevents problems from becoming more serious. It also reduces your costs.

For example, you'll pay less to deal with early pest problems than if you leave them to develop. Removing a broken branch now is cheaper than having to deal with a lawsuit if the branch falls from the tree and injures someone or their property.

2. Look For Future Safety Problems

Trees can pose safety risks as they mature and grow. They can cause property damage if they grow in the wrong places.

Your tree contractor assesses how your trees will grow and develop. For example, they might tell you that some of your trees will grow high enough to touch overhead power cables.

Or, they might tell you that some of your trees are too close to your building. Their roots might grow into plumbing pipes and foundations in the future where they can cause expensive damage.

Your contractor can also give you useful information on pest problems and diseases certain tree species might have. They can list signs you should look out for so that you can catch damage early.

Once you know about potential problems, you can mitigate their risks. For example, you might want to remove trees that are too close to your building to prevent future root growth damage. Or, you might need to trim trees under power lines to change their growth pattern.

3. Create Cost-Effective Maintenance Plans

All of your trees will need periodic maintenance work. For example, they might need to be trimmed every year to keep them looking good and in the best of health.

Your contractor can set up a list of all the jobs you should do on your trees. This list helps you create a full annual maintenance plan. You can bundle jobs together into fewer visits. This reduces your costs.

To get started, contact a local tree service and ask about their inventory services.