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Request Tree Removal Services Immediately If You Identify These Tree Species On Your New Lot

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Most individuals are happy when they purchase a new home. They may be fascinated with the landscape. Trees beautify properties, and sometimes problematic trees appear beautiful yet can be a threat to humans, pets, and properties.

There are trees that may appear to be healthy but have internal decay, which makes them weak and prone to falling over. Some trees have invasive roots that can wreak havoc on properties causing plumbing and paving issues. Trees may produce non-poisonous or poisonous fruits, nuts, and seeds.  The following points identify a few trees that new homeowners should request tree removal services for if they want to avoid potential problems. 

Black Walnut Trees

These trees produce a high concentration of juglone, which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Pets may also be negatively affected by exposure to the secretions which can leech into the soil. Another concerning issue about this tree species is that it can interfere with the growth of other types of plants and vegetation. Having this type of tree on a property can interfere with the growth of plants and shrubs such as azaleas, rhododendrons, yew, and lilacs. Gardening plants such as potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits in their class may also experience growth issues, and apple trees are also sensitive to black walnut trees.

Bradford Pear Tree 

It might sound exciting to have a pear tree on a residential property. However, Bradford pears are inedible. They also do not have a pear shape. These trees initially produce poisonous fruit called pomes. The pomes later develop into flowers, which are beautiful blooms. It is best to remove them due to the poisonous fruit that a curious child or pet could consume.

Female Gingko

It is important to note that male ginkgo trees produce conifers, which is a striking difference in appearance. The female variety produces a massive amount of seeds that look like small fruit. Female ginkgo shed a lot of leaves and seeds, which can litter the area around the tree and require frequent cleaning. If these trees are located near sidewalks, they are even more of a nuisance. Their seeds have an offensive odor, and this species has invasive roots that can cause sidewalk upheaving issues.

A tree services company is a good resource to use to identify problematic trees on properties. They can diagnose three diseases and treat certain types. These professionals can also identify species that are known to cause property damage issues or pose a threat to safety. They can ensure that their tree removal services thoroughly eradicate the root systems and stumps of problematic trees, which will prevent any chances of resprouting or regrowth.

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