The Importance Of Tree Care and Tree Services

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3 Benefits Of Tree Removal Services

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The benefits of trees are impossible to ignore: they clean the air, improve local ecosystems, and can provide some much-needed shade for a homeowner who has one growing in their yard. Ironically, these benefits are often what prompt people to put off removing a tree that needs to be cut down. Yet getting rid of a tree is in many cases the smart decision to make, and comes with its own host of advantages.

Take a look below for three of the biggest benefits of tree removal services. 

Avoiding Damage Caused By Roots

Roots are a tree's lifeline, allowing it to soak up water and nutrients from the soil. As vital as roots are to a tree's survival, however, homeowners are often shocked to learn that roots can easily cause more damage to personal property than many natural disasters. The root system of larger trees in particular can, over time, ruin sidewalks, driveways, and gardens. More importantly, they can threaten to destroy the pipes that bring water to your home, and even your home's foundation itself. This can result in thousands of dollars of damage and a series of hassles that can last for months. Hiring tree removal professionals can help you avoid these and other issues caused by a tree's roots that are out of control.

Preventing the Collapse of a Dying Tree

It doesn't take a whole tree collapsing to cause significant damage. A single heavy branch that falls onto a home or car can be extremely costly, not to mention dangerous. This is unfortunately much more likely to happen if a tree that is growing in your yard is dying. Having it removed is the quickest and easiest way to avoid the collapse of branches and the damage or injury that can result.

Stopping the Further Spread of Disease

Just like other plants, trees can fall victim to disease. Symptoms of common diseases include unusual growths, discoloration, or sudden decay. While there are ways to treat many diseases if caught early, removing the tree altogether is always the best thing to do if it is too late to treat successfully. Failing to remove a tree in a timely manner can often mean exposing other homeowners to the threat of collapse. Even in sparsely populated areas, a tree suffering from blight (caused by fungus or bacteria) can ruin nearby vegetation by spreading the infection to other plants and trees.