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Why You Should Research Trees Before Planting

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Trees improve the aesthetics of a home, regulate local temperature, and even act as wind barriers. Before you plant some trees in your home, however, you should take your time and select the best ones for the area. Here are some reasons you should not plant a tree in your home without proper research.

Some Trees Have Extensive Roots

Some trees have roots that grow vertically downwards while others have roots that spread outwards. Some trees have short roots while others have extensive roots. The nature of a tree's root determines where it can be safely planted. For example, trees with extensive roots should not be planted near utility lines or property foundation since they may cause damage.

Some Tress Are Inherently Weak

Trees that are inherently weak shouldn't be planted near buildings because they may fall without warning, say during a storm, and cause damage or injury. The empress tree, for example, is typically weak and doesn't withstand storm forces very well. Plant such a tree a distance from the house so that it can't cause damage even if it falls unexpectedly.

Some Trees Are Extremely Thirty for Water

Some trees are so thirsty for water that you shouldn't plant them in your yard if you don't have enough water. In fact, such trees may also suck your yard dry and starve other plants of water. This is particularly inconveniencing if you are planning to adorn your garden with different plants and trees. If you plant a water-hungry tree among other plants, the other plants may suffer and die as a result of the thirsty tree's aggressiveness.

Some Trees Are Extremely Messy

You should also know that some trees will make it difficult to keep your yard clean at all times. These include trees whose leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits seem to be constantly falling. This can be really inconveniencing for you if you have mobility issues or any health issue that makes it difficult for you to clean the yard.

Some Trees Attract More Pests Than Others

Lastly, you may also want to plant trees that attract numerous pets a reasonable distance from the house. The mulberry tree, for example, is known for attracting various insects that feed on its foliage. Plant it too close to the house, and you may be bothered by whiteflies and webworms attracted to the tree.

As you can see, there is a lot you should know about a tree before bringing it into your home. Consult your local shrub care services to help you make the right choice.