The Importance Of Tree Care and Tree Services

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Protect Your Trees With Pruning

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Trees offer great shade, stylish appeal, and a great opportunity to add a unique landscaping design to your property. But trees also come along with a little effort. A tree that is not maintained appropriately will look bad and pose a serious danger to your home or other nearby structures. Caring for your tree should begin with tree pruning.

Insect Control 

Insects need to find a place where they can set up their nests safely. For many insects, a tree provides the perfect place for shelter. The problem is that some of the insects that settle in trees also spread dangerous diseases that affect the health of the tree. 

In cases of serious infestation, entire areas of the tree can die. Pruning offers a great way to minimize infestations, which in turn reduces the risk of disease-causing insects from overtaking the tree. While there is no way to eliminate all insects, the pruning process is a valuable tool.

Healthy Growth

If you've ever visited a cosmetologist, you were probably told that you needed to get your ends trimmed in order to grow a healthy head of hair. Tree health uses very much of the same principle. Regular pruning helps the tree maintain good health and develop properly.

If you do not prune regularly, you may inhibit the true from forming correctly, especially if it is a newly planted tree. Additionally, the more frequently the tree is pruned, the easier the process is. A tree professional can help you determine how often you need to have your tree pruned based on the type of tree it is. 

Damage Risks

Tree branches may appear small from the ground, but even a small branch can weigh tens of pounds, if not hundreds of pounds. When you combine the weight of the branch with the force of gravity, if a dead branch falls onto your roof, it will cause severe damage.

In a period of high winds, a branch can quickly fall from the tree. Pruning is a process of eliminating the dead or diseased areas before it gets to this point. Pruning can keep your home protected and help you avoid costly and lengthy repairs. 

While pruning is a step every homeowner should not overlook, pruning is not a process that homeowners should take on themselves. It is best to leave this process to a professional. Contact a tree service for all your needs.