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3 Tips For Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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The trees that ground on your property can be among the most distinguishing features of the landscaping. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of these plants, they can also provide shade and protection. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently neglect to care for these trees, which can make them more likely to encounter serious health issues.

1. Have Professional Soil Tests Done

The condition of the soil around the tree will be of extreme importance to determining the overall health of the plant. When the soil is nutrient deficient, prone to erosion or excessively compacted, the tree's growth and development can be severely hampered. In order to identify these issues, comprehensive soil testing will need to be done. These tests will involve a professional taking a variety of soil samples from around the tree so that they can be analyzed. After reviewing these results, a professional tree care technician will be able to help recommend treatments and other steps for preserving and protecting the tree's health.

2. Water the Tree During Droughts

Watering your plants during droughts is essential to keeping them alive during these periods. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently fail to water their trees during these times. This can lead to dire health problems for the tree as these plants have rather intense water needs. To avoid harming your tree during the next drought, you should make sure to thoroughly water them at least a few times a week during these periods. This will help to ensure that they are getting enough water until more moist weather returns.

3. Have the Tree Serviced When You Notice Health Issues

While there are many health problems that can be potentially lethal to trees, it is often possible to prevent this outcome if the tree is serviced fairly soon. This will limit the ability of these issues to spread to other parts of the tree. While it may be possible to address some issues with topical ointments or injections, others will require branches to be removed. This may temporarily degrade the appearance and shade of your tree, but it will help to stop the disease from spreading.

Keeping the trees on your property alive and healthy is a responsibility that you may have been taking for granted. To avoid putting your tree at a higher risk of developing disease or damage, you should be taking some minimum steps to meet its overall needs. More precisely, making sure to test the soil around it, watering the tree during droughts and having it serviced whenever disease or damage is observed can all help to keep your trees alive and healthy for many years.

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