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3 Signs You May Need To Remove A Tree

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Do you have one or more large trees on your property? Do you know how to tell if they are a hazard to your home and the surrounding area? Although trees can live for decades, and even centuries, their lifespan isn't unlimited. They can still become damaged or destroyed by disease, parasites, or even the weather itself. When this happens, the damage isn't always immediately obvious. But in order to ensure that your home, family, and belongings are as safe as possible, here are some warning signs that you should know about:

Frequent sprinkler use: Lawn sprinklers aren't necessarily a bad thing. But if they are used frequently but for brief periods of time, you'll be encouraging shallow root growth. Tree roots grow deeper to seek out groundwater. If you're always providing water by the brief use of a sprinkler system, the water may only be penetrating a few inches of the topsoil. For relatively young trees, you can encourage deeper root growth by soaking the ground around the tree for an hour or two a few times a month. But if it's an older tree with roots that are clearly only just below the surface, your best option may be to have tree removal experts take out the tree so that you can plant a new one in its place.

Irregular growth: Most trees are relatively symmetrical in their growth. Although you'll seldom find a tree that is perfectly symmetrical, neither should trees be completely lopsided. Although having your tree pruned may alleviate the lopsided look, it's a good idea to find out exactly what caused it to be so lopsided in the first place. It could be that insects or disease have damaged the tree in such a way that most of the nutrients are going to just one part of the tree. If this is the case, it's a good idea to schedule a tree removal now on your own terms before you have no choice in the matter.

Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers can and do use the hammering sounds created by drilling into trees to communicate. This is why you may have been woken up at some point by a woodpecker hammering away on your home's metal downspout. But if you have one or more woodpeckers repeatedly returning to your tree to drill into it, chances are good that you have an insect problem. You'll need to consult with a Certified Arborist to find out if it can be saved or if tree removal is your only option.