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Three Steps To Take If A Tree Falls On Your Property

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Strong storms can damage trees, and severe storms can sometimes lead to trees falling on your property. When this happens, it is your responsibility to handle the cleanup. A tree removal service can help you to remove the tree, and in some cases, even help to repair certain types of damage. Here are a few things to keep in mind when a tree falls on your property.

Assess Potential Damage To Your Home

Even if the entire tree does not fall on your home, it may cause damage to the exterior of your house. It's a good idea to inspect for damage so you can take any pictures you might need to submit to your insurance company before the tree is removed. If you suspect that the tree has fallen on a power line, however, do not go near the tree or the downed line, and instead contact your utility company and your tree removal service. The utility company may remove any limbs that prevent access to the power lines, but you will likely be responsible for moving the rest of the tree on your own. This is where your tree removal company can help.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Depending on what caused the tree to fall, your insurance company may cover the cost of removal even if it did not damage your home. Once you've taken pictures of the fallen tree, contact your insurance company to see if the event falls under your homeowner's insurance policy. In some cases, you may be covered if the tree falls due to certain situations, such as lighting strikes or vandalism. Remember that you will be responsible for the deductible on your homeowner's policy, so get an estimate from the tree removal company before filing a claim with your insurance company. You may find that it is cheaper to simply pay out of pocket and leave the insurance company out of the situation.

Determine What Will Happen To The Tree

While having a tree fall isn't exactly a good thing, you can dictate what happens to the tree after it is cleared from your property. You can request that it be chopped down into firewood, which you can use in your fireplace. You can also sell the firewood to help recover some of the cost of tree removal. Some tree removal companies will use a wood chipper to break down the tree, and you can use the chipped wood for landscaping or other outdoor projects. Be sure to discuss your option with your tree removal service.

Be sure to have any fallen trees removed right away to prevent injuries and damage to your home, and trust an experienced tree removal company to handle this big task for you. Visit a site like for more help.