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Options For Grinding The Tree Stumps In Your Yard

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Stump grinding is the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of old tree stumps in your yard. A stump grinder will save you hours of work chipping away at a tree stump or the hassle of trying to pull it out of the ground. Even small stumps are difficult to remove, and large stumps from mature trees can be too much for you to do alone. Here are your options when you want to use a stump grinder.

When You Need To Remove Several Small Stumps

If you've been clearing a lot and you've cut down several small trees, you may need to get rid of some small to medium size stumps. While you may invest the time and effort to getting rid of a single small stump by sawing and hacking it out, it turns into way too much work when you're dealing with multiple stumps.

That's when renting a stump grinder might be an option. Rental grinders are usually small so they can only handle stumps from small to medium trees. They look similar to a push mower. The grinding machine sits on top of the stump and grinds it to bits. If you're comfortable working with machinery, renting a stump grinder helps you finish clearing the lot more quickly.

When You Need To Remove Several Large Stumps

Hiring a commercial stump grinder is best for removing big stumps from your lot. These machines can tackle huge stumps from mature trees and grind them a few inches below the soil line. This completely gets rid of any traces of the tree so the lot can be leveled for construction. When you have several big stumps to grind, you may want to discuss paying the contractor by the day or hour rather than for each individual tree. You may get a discount over the rate you'd have to pay per tree.

When You Want To Get Rid Of One Big Stump

If a tree service cuts down a big tree, they might grind the stump at the same time. Often, stump grinding isn't included in a basic tree removal job or quote and you'll have to have it done as a separate job. The price you pay for a single tree depends on the size of the stump and the hardness of the wood.

Grinding the tree involves setting the grinder over the stump and chewing it into small pieces. You can keep the ground tree to use as mulch if you like or it can be cleaned from your yard. The stump is removed below the soil line so there will be no danger of tripping or to kids playing in the yard. The final step to getting rid of evidence of the stump is to plant grass or sod in the space to get rid of the bare spot in your yard.

If you have a tree stump in your yard, call a contractor for a quote for removing it. You may find it is well worth the price to get rid of the stump and improve the appearance of your lawn. Companies like Tree Landers can help.