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3 Tips For Choosing A Tree Trimming Service

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Choosing a contractor to trim, or remove your trees is actually tricky business. Unsafe contractors may try to overcharge you, or sell you unnecessary services. They may say that additional trees need to be trimmed, or removed. If you are unaware of these tactics, you could end up paying much more than you bargained for and end up with shoddy service. When you're in need of tree trimming service, employ these three tips to find a trustworthy contractor to get the job done. 

Understand Typical Pricing

Many home and business owners find themselves in need of tree trimming, or removal service following a storm, or a mishap where trees have fallen. In these urgent situations it's tempting to call the first contractor you find in the phone book. However, it's crucial that you take the time to do your homework. Before calling contractors to get quotes, find out the typical prices for the services you're looking. That way you'll have a ballpark range and know right away when quotes are too high. Likewise, be suspicious of quotes that are too low. The price for tree trimming services depends on the size of the tree. For example, having a tree that is between 30 and 60 feet tall trimmed may cost anywhere from $150 to $875, according to Home Advisor.

Check References

When you've found a potential contractor, it's a good idea to check references to get a feel for the company's reputation. You can ask for references directly, or you can check online for service reviews. Unfortunately, these days, reviews can be manipulated in a number of ways. Companies can pay for positive reviews, and competitors can pay to have negative reviews posted. In general, pay attention to balanced reviews, as they tend to be authentic. Fake reviews are often extensively positive, or negative with no real balance. Having a good rating with the Better Business Bureau is also an indication of a reputable tree trimming service.  

Check Licensure and Insurance

Tree trimming may seem like a simple task, however, it's a job that carries a number of inherent risks. Unlicensed, uninsured contractors present tremendous problems. If anything goes wrong on your property, you could be financially liable. That's why it's crucial that any tree trimmer you employ be able to show current licensure and insurance. You also want to be covered if any damage occurs. For example, if a tree is trimmed incorrectly, it can leave the tree vulnerable to damage, or disease. If the contractor is uninsured, you'll have no recourse. 

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