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3 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned

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Tree pruning and tree trimming are similar, yet there is a difference between the two. Pruning involves trimming a tree in a specific way in order to get a tree to do what you want it to. It usually requires more knowledge and understanding of how trees grow and respond to the treatments. That's why it's usually best to hire a tree pruning service so you get professional results for your trees. Here are some reasons you may want to have your trees pruned.

Control The Direction Of Growth

If you have trees close to your house, you don't want them to grow into your roof. You'll want to keep the branches trimmed so they don't brush against your house, but an expert can also prune the trees when they are young so they will grow away from your house. This could save you from having to trim back branches every year or from having to repair roof damage from branches you didn't trim away soon enough.

Increase Production Of Fruit

Pruning is very important for fruit and flowering trees. Pruning removes excessive branches and bushy growth so the tree can focus all its energy and nutrients into growing a few strong and healthy limbs that produce plentiful fruit. Pruning helps your trees bear more fruit and it keeps the trees healthier. It also makes it easier for you to reach the fruit when it's time to harvest.

Improve The Health And Appearance Of The Tree

Another important reason to prune your trees properly is to remove branches that take off in odd angles. These rogue branches affect the symmetrical appearance of your tree and if the branch gets large enough, it may even upset the stability of the tree. Branches that grow at odd angles can rub against other branches and limbs and affect the health of the tree too. It's best to have unusual growth pruned away when the tree is fairly young so it will take on an attractive shape as the tree grows. Pruning is also for removing dead and diseased branches so infections or infestations don't spread throughout the tree or spread to other trees.

Trees should be pruned at the right time of the year or the growth cycle of the tree could be disrupted. Also, cuts must be made properly so they don't leave wounds in the tree that allow insects or fungus to invade. Through proper pruning, your trees will be healthier, more attractive, and safer additions to your property.