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4 Easy-To-Maintain Trees To Plant Around Your Patio

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Landscape design is an important part of your home's curb appeal, but it can also increase the value of your home. Since trees are the most valuable investments in landscape design, planting them all through your yard is smart. If you have a sunny deck or patio in your backyard, installing trees around this space will also provide you with shade while enhancing the look of your outdoor space. Of course, you may not know which trees are best. Using one or more of these easy-to-maintain trees, you can add shade, beauty, and appeal to your patio.

Crepe Myrtle

One of the easiest trees to grow and maintain is the crepe myrtle. This tree is capable of thriving in heat without needing a great deal of water.

Its shorter height and unique shape are perfect for a small area around a sunny patio or deck. In addition, crepe myrtles are available in a variety of color choices, including red, pink, white, and purple, so you can find a color that works with your style.

Enjoy lush green foliage all through the year, with colorful blooms during the summer season.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple tree is another great option to consider for planting around your outdoor living area. The rich red foliage is a perfect complement to green shrubs in your flowerbed, and the unique design of the tree adds enormous texture to your landscaping.

Japanese maple trees do prefer full sun in cooler climates. However, the tree can also thrive in shady areas in climates that are warm and humid.

Since the Japanese maple tree can grow up to 25 feet high and 20 feet wide, do not plant one too close to your home's exterior.

One of the greatest benefits of the Japanese maple tree is that it requires very little maintenance. Fertilize the tree in the fall and trim off any dead foliage or limbs using pruning shears. This will uphold the classic look of the tree while ensuring new growth of rich and lush foliage in the spring.

Sweet Bay

If you enjoy cooking, consider a sweet bay tree for your patio or deck. This tree produces bay leaves, which are essential for cooking many different recipes. The green leaves are also beautiful, adding a great deal of style to any outdoor living area.

The sweet bay tree will thrive in both full sun or partial shade, so there really is no wrong location for planting. For best use of this tree, place ti in a pot near your grill or plant it in the ground by the door that goes into your kitchen. This will ensure the tree is conveniently located while you are grilling or cooking.

In the fall, use pruning shears to trim away dead overgrowth. This will not only help stimulate new growth in the spring, but it will also help maintain the elegant shape of the sweet bay tree.


The crabapple is another easy-to-maintain tree that will work well around your patio or deck. In the spring, the tree produces a large supply of pink, red, or white flowers, which will need to be swept or blown away after they fall at the end of the season.

The crabapple tree thrives in areas that receive full sun, so it is a great option around a sunny patio. Be sure there is sufficient space between the tree and your home, since the crabapple does have a wide spread.

Adding color, appeal, and shade to a sunny patio or deck is easy with a few trees. By planting one or more of these easy-to-maintain trees, you can enjoy your outdoor space a little more. For additional advice, contact a tree care company like Hudson & Sons Tree Service.