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3 Reasons Why Your Tree May Need Trimming

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Do you have a large tree in your yard that has seen better days? Are you wondering how you can make the tree healthy and vibrant once again? While watering and fertilizing properly can certainly help many trees, it's possible that you're in need of professional assistance. Although seemingly counter-productive at first, having your trees cut back may be the best way to encourage healthier and more vigorous growth. Some of the best reasons to have your trees trimmed include:

Remove dead and diseased sections: Even healthy trees may have limbs that die off for various reasons. Perhaps the limb was damaged by insects or it could have been broken in a storm or infected by a disease. Whatever the case, this dead limb is now blocking both light and space that could be used by the remaining healthy sections of the tree. Tree trimming professionals will first consider which limbs are dead or dying and will remove those first before tackling any other issues. As long as the tree is still relatively healthy, it will slowly start to fill in the removed sections with new growth. This new growth will make your tree look even healthier and more vibrant than it did before.

Redirect nutrient flow: A tree obviously has no heart or lungs to enable it to circulate nutrients and waste products. Instead, a tree has to rely on gravity and other means to ensure that everything gets to where it needs to be. Unfortunately, trees will sometimes grow one or more limbs in a location that will result in that limb receiving more than its fair share of nutrients. This can cause the tree to start to look lopsided as the favored limbs grow faster and more vigorously than the rest of the tree. Tree trimming will cut back or remove that limb so that the rest of the tree will once again have the nutrients that it needs.

Avoid potential hazards: As a tree grows bigger and bigger, there are various hazards that can result. Storms can cause large limbs to drop off, resulting in damage to any property below. This is headed off by removing dead or damaged limbs. However, another hazard can result if your tree is starting to grow big enough to contact a power line. In some cases, the power company might come out and forcefully trim your tree for you. But in other cities, the tree trimming is your responsibility. Power line contact can cause fires and other hazards, so it's best to have your tree trimmed early before this is a possibility.

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