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Removing Trees To Make Room For Your Home Addition

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When planning a home addition, considering the trees near the house is often necessary. Trees improve the look of your property and increase its value, but they may be a problem during construction. Tree removal can be a significant project, but it may be easier to manage than you think.

Tip: Hire Professional Arborists

Attempting DIY tree removal can be both dangerous and costly. Hiring professional arborists ensures that your trees are removed safely and efficiently while minimizing damage to your property. Additionally, professionals have the expertise to advise you on which trees need removal and which can be saved.

When working with a professional arborist, they can assist you throughout each step in the process. This will include the initial assessments and the removal of the waste from the tree.

Tip: Assess Tree Health and Safety

Before beginning any home addition project involving tree removal, assess the overall health of affected trees. Some signs indicating unhealthy or dying trees include cracks in bark or branches, fungal growths at the base or trunk, and an abundance of dead branches.

Once you have identified unhealthy trees on your property, evaluate the risk factors associated with their removal. Consider the tree's size, proximity to buildings or power lines, and any potential hazards it poses during removal. This assessment will help you decide which trees should be removed for your home addition.

Safety is paramount during tree removal. Professional arborists will use proper equipment, such as harnesses and aerial lifts, to ensure safe tree access. Additionally, they will follow established protocols for felling trees and clearing debris safely and efficiently.

Tip: Obtain The Necessary Permits

Before starting any tree removal project, familiarize yourself with local regulations governing tree removal on private property. Many municipalities require permits for removing specific types of trees or those exceeding a certain size.

Consulting with local authorities can help clarify any questions about permits or regulations in your area. They can also guide you through the permit application process and inform you of any restrictions on tree removals related to construction projects.

In addition to complying with permitting rules, you may need to adhere to any relevant homeowners association requirements. These requirements may include notifying the association, the neighbors and even limiting the days of the week when this work can be scheduled.

Tip: Evaluate Post-Removal Stump Options

After removing a tree from your property, the stump needs addressing before proceeding with construction plans. Two primary methods of dealing with stumps are grinding and complete removal. If you decide to pull the stump, you may have a large hole that has to be filled before the construction of the home addition can begin. 

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.