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Tree Removal Is A Long And Noisy Process That Eliminates A Hazardous Tree From Your Yard

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If you have a tree in your yard you worry about because it seems to be leaning or lopsided, call a tree removal service so they can check your tree to see if it should be removed. Sometimes, trees can be braced and saved, but when a tree poses a danger to your property and family, it's not worth the risk to keep it. Here's a look at what you might expect if you decide to have the tree removed.

The Process Takes Hours

Prepare for a long day since tree removal can take hours. The length of time it takes depends on the size of the tree and how hard the wood is. The crew might also have to take precautions that slow them down if the tree seems to be unstable. The tree will probably be cut down in a single day, but cleaning up the tree pieces might be done the next day. Grinding away the stump is a separate service, and it adds a few more hours to the job.

There Will Be Trucks And Noise

Cutting down a tree is noisy. If you have a nervous dog, you may want to take them away for the day or prepare a safe place so they can stay calm. There will also be a lot of commotion and big trucks around your property.

If the tree is leaning, the crew may work from a crane bucket, so the tree removal service may bring a bucket truck, truck mulcher, and dump truck to the job. These trucks stay on the street so you don't have to worry about them ruining your yard.

Decide If You Want Any Wood Or Mulch

The tree removal company might offer to give you mulch or firewood from your tree. They make mulch from branches on the spot so the tree debris doesn't take up much room. They can leave you a manageable piece of stump or limbs if you want to cut your own firewood, but remember, it will take months for the wood to dry out so you can use it in your fire pit.

Clear Out The Drop Zone

The tree removal service will probably establish a drop zone around the tree. They may even mark it off with tape to remind people to stay away. You'll also want to clear lawn ornaments, chairs, and plants in pots so nothing is damaged. When the tree removal crew works, they'll drop branches and small limbs in the drop zone. They'll lower big limbs and chunks of the trunk down to the zone with ropes.

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