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Be Careful When Removing A Rotting Tree From Your Property

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If you have a rotting tree on your property, removing it as soon as possible is essential. A dead and rotting tree is less stable and is more likely to fall unexpectedly. When a tree is deteriorating, you'll find it easier to cut through it. However, this type of tree is also more unstable and dangerous to remove, especially if it's too big.

Why Trees Die

Trees can live a very long time. When a tree dies, it is usually not due to old age but fire, lightning, a deadly disease, or a pest. When a tree dies, it will start to rot and become unstable. A dead or dying tree should have no leaves and very few branches.

Warning Signs of a Rotting Tree

If your tree is rotting, it is likely diseased. The wood will be discolored and soft, especially on the lower section of the trunk. The wood fibers won't be as strong, and the tree might fall unexpectedly.

When to Remove a Dying Tree

A good time to remove a dying tree is during winter. However, even during winter, tree removal is hazardous and should only be attempted by a professional. The hardest part is controlling the tree's direction after you cut through it with a chainsaw.

The tree might start to fall in one direction, shift direction, and land on you or damage your nearby property. A heavy tree can cause a head injury or broken bones. Therefore, you should wear a hard hat while cutting down the tree.

Using the Wind to Your Advantage

The direction of the wind affects the direction the tree will fall in. Try felling the tree when it's not windy or when the wind is blowing consistently. Clear the area around the tree as best you can to avoid damaging the surrounding area, and so you can move around more quickly if you have to evade the tree when it falls in an unexpected direction.

Preparing to Remove the Tree

Always prune the tree before cutting it down. The branches can get in the way of the tree removal process. The tree will also be lighter and more predictable as it falls.

A tree removal service can assess the condition of your tree and determine whether they can save it. If they must remove the tree, they will remove the tree using the safest methods and will protect your property from damage.