The Importance Of Tree Care and Tree Services

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Trimming The Trees Around Your Property To Keep Them Healthy

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Trees are a great addition to the landscape around your property, but they require some care to ensure they stay healthy and thriving. Tree trimming is a part of that process, and there is often more to it than cutting branches randomly and hoping the tree recovers from it.  

Tree Care Services

When you need the trees around your home and property trimmed back to keep them looking good, you may want to consider tree trimming services provided by professionals. Most tree services have arborists on staff that know what a tree needs to remain healthy, and the trimmers that work in the field can cut the tree specifically to ensure the trees are not damaged and will grow back and stay healthy. 

A tree that undergoes careless tree trimming can suffer trauma that can affect the tree's health and potentially kill it. Each cut during the tree trimming needs done selectively, so the tree remains balanced and healthy. 

Tree Assessment

Before any work begins, the tree trimming service can send an arborist to your property to inspect the trees and assess their condition. Once the trees are checked, the trimming service will have a better idea of what they need to do and how to ensure the job is done correctly. 

Often the balance between trees encroaching on a home's roof and causing damage must be weighed. If the tree is going to damage the house, it is very likely that the tree trimming service will recommend removing it.

However, in some cases, transplanting the tree may be possible and will allow you to keep the tree but move it far enough from the house to stop any damage from occurring. Moving a large tree can be challenging, but it may still be possible. The tree service can go over the concerns and details with you, helping you to understand the situation before any decisions are made. 

Seasonal Trimming

Tree trimming can be a good thing for the tree and, in some situations, it will help ensure the tree makes it through the winter. A tree that is large and has heavy limbs is more likely to come down during a storm or have a limb break, causing damage to the tree. 

Tree trimming can help reduce the risk of damage to the tree and to the house or other structures on the property. If you live where snow and ice are a regular part of winter, a fall trimming can have a impact on your trees and many times will mean the difference between the tree surviving the weather or coming down mid-winter. 

Contact a local tree trimming service to learn more.