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Factors That Influence Tree Trimming Costs

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As a homeowner, you're responsible for taking care of the trees on your property. You have to trim and prune them when the need arises. It's the only way you can keep the trees healthy and beautiful. But how much does it cost to hire a tree trimming service? Well, the cost will vary depending on factors like those discussed below.

Number of Trees

Trimming companies prefer to give cost estimates after inspecting the job. They have to check how many trees need trimming before quoting their price. As such, you may expect the cost to be higher if you have a lot of trees that need to be trimmed. On the other hand, the company will quote a lower amount if there are fewer trees.

Ease of Access

Arborists will also consider the ease of access before giving a price estimation. If the arborists can easily access the branches, expect the price to be low. However, if the tree is located in an awkward spot, the team will have difficulty trimming the branches. As such, they'll need more time to do the job. Overall, they'll have to quote a higher price due to the nature of the task.

Additional Services

Arborists consider tree trimming to be one service. However, most folks will need additional services once the arborist completes the trimming. You may require the team to clean up the branches and leaves. Some people may also request the team to apply fertilizer or treat an unhealthy tree. All these additional services will raise the cost. 

Presence of Pests

Tree arborists are serious about safety. As such, they must assess the trees to ensure everything is okay. Unfortunately, some of your trees may be infested with dangerous pests or insects. Pests such as ants, bees, hornets, and termites will make the job more difficult. As such, the team has to be extra careful when trimming pest-infested trees. And as you'd expect, they'll charge more to work in such dangerous conditions.

Tree Health

The health condition of your trees may also cause the cost of trimming to go up. For instance, if some trees have dead branches, the professionals will find it difficult to trim such trees. Working on trees with hollow trunks and decaying limbs is also dangerous. That said, the team will have to be extra careful when doing their job. The company is entitled to charge a higher fee if the team has to work under challenging conditions.

Other factors a tree trimming company can consider are:

  • Size of the trees
  • Time
  • Proximity to structures and power lines

Contact a tree trimming service for more information.