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Tree Treatment Tips for Emerald Ash Borers

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Emerald ash borers are insects that like to breed in trees, which can cause them damage and eventually death if not treated promptly. If you spot them on a tree around your property, be sure to follow these treatment tips.

Assess the Severity of Infestation

One thing to check on early on with emerald ash borers that have found their way onto a tree on your property is the severity of this infestation. How many insects are affecting your tree at this current moment? You can get a better sense of this by inspecting your tree thoroughly up close.

If the infestation seems mild based on the activity that you see, then you may be able to handle this jewel beetle on your own. However, if the infestation is massive and thus affecting a lot of parts of a tree, then hiring a pest control professional is probably for the best.

Choose an Insecticide That Doesn't Harm the Tree

Insecticides are one of the best treatments you can use to kill emerald ash borers and their larvae. However, you need to be specific with the insecticide you get because you don't want to damage the tree in any way. That's particularly true if it's already in a vulnerable state because of these beetles.

Search the insecticide market for products that are specifically tailored to killing off emerald ash borers. If you want added assurance, you can see what arborists would use. They specialize in trees and their health so they'll know what solutions are perfectly safe for the tree, not the beetle species living inside it.

Continue to Apply Treatment Until You See Noticeable Improvement

After you assess the emerald ash borer infestation and find an insecticide that's capable of killing these insects effectively, you'll want to continue providing treatments all around the affected tree. Keep doing this until you see a noticeable improvement in the tree's health.

You'll know the insecticide is working if you see significantly fewer of these beetles and don't see as many sections of bark starting to come off. You might also want to hire a pest control pro to verify your population is under control.

If you've seen emerald ash borers on trees around your property, providing treatment for them quickly is paramount to the overall health of these trees. Just make sure you use the right emerald ash borer prevention products in strategic ways so that this beetle species doesn't cause severe tree damage.