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Why Have A Professional Chemical Treatment To Poison A Tree Stump?

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If you can't or don't want to grind out or cut up a tree stump, then you might be thinking about using poisons to kill it. While you can buy products in stores to do this job, you'll often get better results if you bring in professional tree services.

What are the benefits of asking tree services to help you with this job?

Use the Right Chemicals

You won't necessarily find the right chemical product to poison a tree stump the first time. You need to use the right chemicals for the size of your stump and the variety of tree. If you get this wrong, then the poison might not work on the wood. You might have to buy different products and keep trying.

Tree services contractors have the expertise to know which chemicals to use to effectively kill a tree stump. You won't have to waste time or money using a trial-and-error approach.

Get an Effective Application

While chemical poisons can kill off most tree stumps, these products only work if you apply them correctly. Depending on your stump and its condition, you might need to inject chemicals or paint them on. Sometimes, you need to remove bark or a top layer of wood to create open wounds on the stump that suck in the treatment.

If you've never done this job before, then you might not do everything you need to do to get the chemicals inside the tree where they will do the most damage. You might need to reapply the treatments multiple times to see any progress.

Tree services experts know exactly how to prepare a stump for a chemical treatment. They understand the best way to get poisons into the inner wood fast. You'll see better results from a single treatment.

Minimize Collateral Damage

The chemicals you can buy to kill off tree stumps can do damage to other parts of your garden. If you don't choose the right treatment for your stump and garden and apply it carefully in the right places, then you could end up with some collateral damage.

For example, some chemicals might leach into the ground and contaminate the soil. Or, they might kill off plants and grass around the stump.

If you have a professional treatment, then your contractor will choose the right chemicals for the job. They know how to apply treatments carefully to avoid the spread of damage. You get a more targeted approach with fewer collateral damage problems.

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