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4 Reasons You Should Have Trees Too Close To Your Pool Removed Urgently

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Trees around your pool offer many incredible benefits. They make your pool appealing, enhance privacy, and provide shade and cool air. What's more, they can provide a natural scent around your pool, making it more hospitable. However, there are many reasons you may not want to plant trees right next to your pool. Do you have trees that are too close to your pool? Here are the top four reasons you need emergency tree removal services.

1. Root Related Damages

As a tree grows, so does its root structure. Unfortunately, some trees, such as mulberry and silver maple, have invasive roots that can penetrate and destroy the walls and plumbing of your pool. A pool with a damaged wall and broken plumbing could cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Want to prevent root-related pool damage? Hire a tree removal service to immediately eliminate all the trees next to your pool.

2. Dead Leaves and twigs

Leaves and twigs stain your pools and make pool cleaning harder. This could raise your pool cleaning costs. They could even block and damage your pool filters. Worse still, thorny leaves and flowers could hurt your skin while swimming. Every time you dip into your pool, you want enjoyment, not pain. You may think covering your pool might help. But it will only provide a temporary remedy. Your best bet to deal with the leaves and twigs problem is to remove the trees close to your pool.

3. Bugs

Trees around your pool are home to numerous animals and bugs such as bees, thrips, squirrels, and wasps. Bees and wasps are a nuisance and could even sting someone and ruin a pretty good time at the pool. These pests could excrete in the pool water and contaminate it. Contaminated pool water can cause skin and eye infections. The most effective way to get rid of bugs near your swimming pool is to seek emergency tree removal services to solve the problem quickly.

4. Accidents Caused By Falling Trees

While having trees near your pool is dangerous enough, dead and infected trees are even riskier. They could fall anytime, damage your pool, or cause fatal injuries. Your best chance to keep pool damage and injuries at bay is to seek emergency tree removal services.

Whether you want to keep your pool contamination-free or prevent structural pool damage, removing trees too close to it is critical. For professional tree removal services, you might want to enlist the services of a top-rated tree removal company. Your pool will be cleaner and safer.

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