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5 Reasons To Remove A Conifer From Your Yard

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Although trees can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to a yard, in some cases it is better to remove them. If you have a conifer tree, the following are a few reasons why tree removal may be a good option.

1. Reduce Lawn Shading

Dense conifer trees provide year-round shade since they never completely drop their needles. This can make it hard to grow a lush lawn due to the reduction in available sunlight. The conifer can also shade out landscape beds, reducing your ability to put in vegetable or flower gardens. Removing a conifer can open up your yard to improved sunlight and air circulation, which can lead to healthier plant growth.

2. Improve Soil pH

Conifers may not shed their needles all at once, but they do regularly drop the old needles as they grow in new ones. By nature, most conifer needles have a low pH, which means they can turn the soil acidic as they decompose. Most lawn grasses, vegetables, and flowers thrive in neutral pH soils, so this increased acidity can stunt their growth. Removing the conifer means no more acidic needles will be present to compromise the soil pH.

3. Decrease Heating Bills

A conifer tree near the home may provide shade all day. This may be nice in warm climates where shade reduces cooling needs, but in cooler climates or areas with cold winters the shade can lead to a marked increase in your winter heating bills. Removing the conifer allows more winter sunshine to hit the home, thus reducing the need to run the furnace. If you still need some summer shading, consider replacing the conifer with a deciduous tree that provides shade in summer but drops its leaves in time to allow winter sunlight in.

4. Minimize Yard Maintenance

Constantly dropping needles and cones can lead to a messy yard. The needle drop acts like a mulch that will choke out lawn grass and other garden plants, which leads to a patchy-looking lawn. This means constant raking, often year-round, is needed to manage the tree debris. Combine this with the need to prune the conifer to remove deadwood and maintain its shape, and you are looking at a lot of yard maintenance that could be avoided if the tree is removed. 

5. Prevent Pests

Some conifers are prone to pests, like the pine beetle, which can spread and destroy entire forests. Removing susceptible trees from your yard can help stop the spread of such pests. You can check with your local extension office to see if the conifer type in your lawn is one that should be removed due to pest or disease concerns. 

Contact a residential tree removal service such as Accurate Tree Service & Stump Grinding, LLC if you have a conifer tree that needs to be taken down.