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General Tree Trimming Tips You Need to Know

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For most people, tree trimming is all about cutting unwanted tree twigs or branches occasionally. But there is more to this tree care practice – which is why arborists train for several years just to get the job done correctly. 

If you want your trees to stay healthy for longer or enhance aesthetics, you'll need to ensure tree trimming is done properly. This post will share fundamental tips to help you attain your tree care goals, even if the task will be handled by a tree care expert, as recommended.

Know the Reasons for Trimming Each Tree

There are various reasons why you may need to trim your trees – for safety, health, and aesthetics. Trimming for aesthetics entails maintaining the appearance and shape of the tree, so you shouldn't impose an odd shape or overdo it. 

If you notice that certain branches and limbs are broken or dead and can fall off unexpectedly, you will need tree trimming service for safety. The same should also be done if the tree branches are near the utility lines or obstruct vision as you drive.

You may also consider tree trimming if you have an infected tree and would like to save it. The arborist you hire will strategically eliminate the affected limbs and even thin the crown to improve airflow.

Know the Risks or Dangers

Although tree trimming offers remarkable benefits, things can go wrong if the task is mishandled. If you cut certain branches incorrectly, the tree may decay. Trees usually create a network for transferring nutrients, so if you cut off one of those branches, it will be impossible for that part of the tree to get the nutrients it requires, leading to decay. This is why tree care specialists should handle tree trimming because they understand a tree's needs and will know which branch or limb to cut off.

Know the Importance of Calling a Professional

If you want your tree trimming job done correctly and on time, you will assign the task to an arborist. These professionals examine each tree to determine its requirements and then create a strategy to meet your objectives and ensure the tree stays healthy. Remember, proper trimming depends on the condition and features of each tree, so if  you know nothing about trimming, you will likely not do a good job. 

Besides, special tools and equipment will be needed for the task, and you might not have or know how to use them. Better hire a reputable arborist to handle tree trimming jobs – you'll save time, money and keep the trees healthy.

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