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4 Tips For Using A Tree Trimming Company

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If your trees have a lot of branches and leaves, it's probably a good idea to have them trimmed. This is even more important if trees hang over your roof or the branches are so low they scrape your car when you pull in the driveway. Here are four tips to keep in mind while working with a tree trimming company to get your trees in shape.

1. Ask Who Hauls Away The Debris

Trimming shaggy trees creates a lot of debris. You probably don't want the tree trimming company to stack the debris on your curb since the city may charge you to haul it off. The tree company may bring along a mulcher and chew the branches up on the spot, or they may haul away the debris. If you get quotes from different tree companies, be sure to ask if they haul the debris away and if that is included in the quote so you can compare quotes from different companies accurately.

2. Get Advice For Trimming Around Power Lines

Your tree trimmer may not be able to trim trees in the utility easement since these are supposed to be maintained by the utility company. Plus, it may be dangerous to work around trees that touch the high-power lines. Even working in your yard on trees that touch the line from the pole to your house can be dangerous. The tree trimmer may need to coordinate with the utility company so the company can cut power to your home while the trees are trimmed.

3. Find Out If A Permit Is Needed

Your tree trimming company should know if you have a protected tree in your yard or if there is a need to get a permit to do work on your trees. You may not need a permit for simple trimming, but if the trimmer needs to cut away a big limb or remove a tree, then the city may want to approve the work first, especially if the tree is protected or mature.

4. See If You Can Keep The Mulch Or Logs

The trimmer may only cut back small branches, but if they trim off larger ones too, you might want them cut into logs you can use for firewood when the wood is dry. If the company brings a mulcher, you may want to keep the mulch your branches produce so you can use the mulch in your plant beds and around trees. If you use mulch, you might as well get it free from the trimmer. Plus, you'll know the mulch should be safe since it came from your own property.