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Why Many People Prefer Stump Grinding To Removal

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When you've had a tree cut down in your yard, you'll find yourself left with a stump that can be obstructive, not to mention a safety hazard. Stumps can be dangerous for kids and animals playing in the yard, but they can also become a breeding ground for pests. That's why most homeowners also opt to have the stump addressed as well. You'll have to choose between stump removal and stump grinding when you make this decision. Here's a look at why stump grinding is often a better choice.

Less Upheaval In Your Yard

One of the biggest reasons that many people choose stump grinding instead of full removal is because it's far less upheaval for the yard. When you choose to have the stump removed, the contractors will dig up the stump and the tree roots. Since the roots can extend quite a distance from the base of the tree, this can lead to a large portion of the yard being dug up.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, leaves the roots underground. The stump itself is ground into fine wood chips. You can choose to have the stump ground to whatever depth you choose, from ground level to as much as twelve inches or more below ground. Then, you're left with the wood chips in the pile where the stump was. There's no destruction to the soil around the stump, which keeps your yard intact.

Provides Material For Mulch

If you like using real wood mulch around your flower beds and other yard features, you'll want to consider stump grinding instead of removal. The wood chips created by the grinding process can be used for mulch around your yard anywhere that you would use store-bought mulch. This could provide you with the mulch you need for the season without having to incur the additional cost, and it puts the remainder of the stump to additional use.

Faster Process

Stump grinding is a quick and easy process, which means that you can have that troublesome stump dealt with and out of the way far quicker than if you opted for full removal. If time is of the essence and you're trying to limit the amount of work left to do afterward, stump grinding is a great choice for most homeowners.

Talk with your tree removal contractor today about stump grinding or removal service to see which one is the best option for your situation. For more information contact a company like Tree Landers.