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3 Major Reasons Not To DIY Pruning Your Tree

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Do you have a tree that has started to become a hazard? Are you getting ready to head out and start lopping off branches, or are you even considering cutting it down completely? Trees can be beautiful, but they can also start to get in the way once they reach a certain size. They can cause damage to homes and to vehicles, and they may even drop branches on unsuspecting people. Obviously, the best way to deal with this is to trim the tree back on an annual or semi-annual basis. But before you go out there and start dealing with the situation on your own, here are some reasons why you should give serious considerations to hiring professionals to do it for you:

Protected species 

In some states, certain trees are protected by law. Even if such a tree is on your property and technically belongs to you, it can be illegal to do anything harmful to the tree. If your neighbors know this and see you damaging the tree, then you could potentially receive fines or even jail time for harming a protected species. The professionals at various tree trimming services have been trained to know what is and isn't allowed by the law. If they say no, don't go and do it anyway. If it were legal, they'd do it because they want to get paid.


The bark of a tree protects it from various diseases and pests. Every time you prune a tree, you're potentially allowing insects or pathogens to establish themselves in the tree. Depending on the type of tree you have, there are different things you can do to protect the tree and prevent serious harm. Tree trimming professionals are well versed in exactly what must be done to keep your tree from getting sick or from being infested by termites and other insects.


One of the biggest reasons to hire one of your local tree trimming services is to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Pruning and trimming a tree can be dangerous with the potential for heavy branches to fall unexpectedly. Professionals will have been trained in how to secure these branches so that there are no injuries or damage. The average person isn't going to have the knowledge of how to do this without a lot of trial and error that could result in various accidents and injuries until you get the hang of things.