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3 Reasons Not To Keep A Stump In Your Yard For Decorative Purposes

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When the tree falls or is cut down, that lowest part of it is usually still rooted in the ground firmly. If you're like a lot of homeowners, you do what you can to make the best of having a stump in your yard. You use the thing to set your flower pots upon, you hollow out the center and make the thing a planter, or you do something else decorative to make the stump look a little less like a stump and more like a decorative part of your landscape. Even though this is a nice temporary solution, stump removal really is the best option. Here's a look at why that's the case. 

A tree stump can lower property value. 

If you ever decide you want to sell your home, that tree stump that you have kept around can be an eyesore to a prospective buyer. These small imperfections in the landscape are just going to look like work that needs to be done. Therefore, some buyers will see your property as less valuable if you have one or more tree stumps hanging around that you've tried to mask by making them pretty. It is a better idea to have the stump removed. 

A tree stump will eventually cause issues. 

Of course, the tree stump above the ground is only part of what is there; the root system can be spread all over the yard. If you do not get rid of the stump, the root system technically still has access to sunlight, nutrients, and rain, so the root system can continue to grow. Over time, you may even start to see new tree sprouts coming up in your lawn that are growing directly from the roots. Some trees will actually produce tons of these little saplings, which can make keeping your lawn maintained a real pain. 

A tree stump can be attractive to pests. 

As the tree stump deteriorates because it is dead, that decaying wood can look super attractive to some pests. From insects like termites to rodents, the rotting wood offers food and potential shelter. If the tree stump is located near your home, having it filled with pests is going to become a threat to the house because the pests could naturally gravitate toward the house. Even if you do not have pests in the beginning, they are bound to show up eventually and cause problems.