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Common Tree Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Need To Avoid

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From shrubs and flowers to hardscapes and grass, landscaping can be overwhelming. However, with proper care, landscape design can add a great deal of appeal and value to your home. Trees are another important part of your home's landscaping, but you may not know how much care your trees need. With this guide, you will learn a few common tree maintenance mistakes to avoid to ensure your landscape is healthy and appealing.

Improper Pruning

Trimming your trees is important because it helps promote new growth, but many homeowners tend to prune too little or too much.

Without periodic trimming, damaged branches will continue to decline, weakening the structure of the tree. Also, if limbs are infected by disease, fungal growth, or pests, removal is essential to prevent the growth and infestations from spreading further into the tree.

Excessive trimming can also be detrimental to your tree's look and underlying health. If you remove too many branches or you prune excessively at the wrong time, your tree may not heal in time for new spring growth, weakening your tree and increasing its risk of death.

The time and amount of pruning needed will depend on your specific tree and its overall health. Many people believe fall is the best time to trim because the tree will have adequate time to heal before the spring season's growth begins.

Improper Watering

Another common mistake many homeowners make is watering the tree improperly.

Although most trees require a good amount of water initially after planting, excessive amounts of water can do more harm than good.

If the soil around your tree is sloshy and water is starting to puddle up, the tree's roots will not be able to implement into the soil and help your tree grow.

Also, too much water can increase the risk of fungal growth, spreading and harming your tree over time. If your tree is infected with a fungal infection of sorts, you may also notice spots on the leaves or a white or grey residue on the tree trunk.

When first planted, water your tree a few times per week. If it rains, do not water on your own.

Once established, your tree does not need as much water. However, be sure to water in periods of excessive heat and drought.

Proper care is important if you want your trees to be attractive and healthy for many years to come. This guide will help you avoid a few common tree care mistakes. Contact a tree trimming service for more help.