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Benefits Associated With Professional Tree Removal In Your Yard

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Trimming and removing dead branches and trees from your yard can improve the look and health of your yard. As it can be difficult to safely remove large trees and branches without the proper safety equipment, hiring a professional tree service is your best option for this type of improvement in your yard. Here are some ways completing this type of tree removal can benefit your yard, soil, and landscaping.

Wood Chipping

Hiring a tree service company to remove any dead branches from a tree or to cut down the entire tree can leave you with an abundance of free wood that can be chipped into wood chips. Most tree service companies will provide this service along with the handling of any tree removal. The chips they create are considered a waste product, but can be used in your yard as landscaping and garden mulch.

Layering wood chip mulch over your landscaping soil can benefit you in several ways. Wood chips cover the soil and help hold in moisture for the benefit of your plants, as the sun's heat directly on exposed soil can dry it out and evaporate the moisture. Wood chips also prevent weed growth in the soil, as weeds cannot grow with a thick layer of wood chips over them. Any weeds that do manage to germinate within the layer of wood chips, you can easily pull them from the mulch. Wood chips also break down over time and add nutrients back to your soil.

Stump Grinding

When you are left with a stump in your yard, you can have your tree service company grind the stump from the soil. Grinding the stump from the soil allows you to use the soil for other purposes. Stump grinding also boosts the health of the soil as it creates a rich mixture of soil and finely chipped wood.

Making Way for Other Growth

When you need to remove a dead or sick tree in your yard, it is beneficial to remove the tree and any disease or infestation the tree may carry with it. There are several other reasons you may want to remove an old tree. Removing the tree can also provide sunlight to a vegetable garden you may need to plant in the area, as excess shade can limit the potential of vegetable growth. Also, removing a dead or dying tree can make room for you to plant other types of trees in its space.

It is a good habit to replace a tree with a new one when you remove an old tree when you can, considering trees help create oxygen and provide a home for birds and other wildlife. Planting a new growth tree that bears fruit or other edible seeds can provide you and your family with an additional food source every year. For more information, contact a business such as AJ'S TREE AND LANDSCAPE.