The Importance Of Tree Care and Tree Services

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3 Important Reasons To Remove Trees From Your Yard ASAP

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Have you recently purchased a home with one or more trees in the yard? Do you know whether or not these trees are actually safe to continue to keep? While trees may look harmless, this isn't something that is true of all trees. Many trees that are aesthetically pleasing to look at are actually trees that you might not want to keep around for very long. One beautiful tree that you might not want to keep is the Callery or Bradford pear - a tree that can smell like a wet dog or worse. Other trees can have even less desirable traits. Some of the worst offenders include:

Destructive trees: Although trees are immobile and can't travel from place to place like an animal could, they can still be quite destructive below ground. Willows and other trees that prefer to grow near the shore of a lake or a river can be especially bad. When mature, these kinds of trees may be thirsty enough to consume a hundred gallons or more of water per day. In an attempt to get sufficient moisture, the tree roots will grow deep and wide. Should they encounter your sewer line, there is a good chance that they will find a small flaw in the pipe through which they can grow their roots, resulting in a severe clog. Even if your plumber says that your sewer line is fine, you may want to have a tree service remove these kinds of trees before any damage does occur.

Poisonous trees: Although you may not be in the habit of gnawing on trees, having a poisonous tree in your yard could be dangerous for any pets you may have or the future of your gardening plans. Black walnuts may produce delicious nuts, but they are well-known in gardening circles for killing off plants and shrubs that try to grow beneath it. Castor trees, on the other hand, are dangerous to both humans and animals. A curious toddler who puts a castor bean into his or her mouth could, sadly, wind up dead not long after. If you're not sure whether any trees in your yard are poisonous, a local tree service can tell you what you have and help you decide on less hazardous trees to plant.

Brittle trees: When you think about trees, it's easy to think of them as something that will last a lifetime. But this isn't always the case. Some trees, such as silver maple, grow so fast that their wood is actually quite weak. When a strong wind comes along, the tree can splinter or shatter, causing great damage to any one or anything that happens to be in the way. Your local tree service can help you to identify and remove trees that have the potential to cause this sort of damage.