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Set Your Landscape On Fire This Fall: Planting And Maintaining An Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree

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Golden yellow and vibrant orange foliage are beautiful landscaping elements in the fall season, but you can enhance your yard by adding a bright and bold tree rich in red color. The Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree is an excellent addition to your fall landscape, since it's intense red foliage will set your landscape design on fire. With this guide, you will learn how to plant and care for this amazing tree.

Planting the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

Besides the fiery red foliage in the fall, one of the greatest benefits of the Autumn Blaze Maple is its durability and ability to grow in any type of soil condition. Not only will it thrive in dry conditions, but it can also grow and thrive in moist areas of your yard.

Since the tree creates a great deal of shade throughout the year, consider planting it in a sunny location of your yard. 

The Autumn Blaze Maple tree is a massive tree, growing up to 50 feet in height with a spread of up to 40 feet. Due to its size, avoid planting the tree too close to your home's exterior or other outdoor structures.

Dig a hole a few times the size of the tree's root ball. Massage the root ball to loosen up the soil before placing it into the hole. Surround with soil and mulch or pine straw. to help lock in moisture. Then, water the tree base thoroughly.

Caring for the Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

Watering your tree after planting is imperative, but the Autumn Blaze Maple will not require constant watering once it establishes itself into the ground. Be sure to soak the mulch or pine straw around the tree during periods of hot and dry weather.

The large canopy, thick branches, and lush foliage can affect the tree's structure over time, so pruning away overgrowth every few years is essential. Pruning in the late part of fall or early winter is best to promote new growth in the spring season.

After the leaves have fallen from the tree in the later stage of autumn, apply fertilizer. Make sure to use a fertilizer that contains nitrogen, which is essential for a maple tree's growth. Fertilizer should also include phosphorus to enhance the color of foliage and potassium to strengthen the root system of the tree.

If using traditional fertilizer pellets, sprinkle them around the base of the tree. Place the fertilizer directly into the soil, as well.

With proper planting and care, the Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree will set your landscaping on fire. Use this guide to plant and care for this bold and fiery tree.